Srdjan Roje is a manifestarion teacher and writer.

There is an excellent zen story about heaven and hell. It talks about one great warrior, samurai. The great warrior comes to a Zen master, with his sword, his katana, his samurai sword. He comes to the old man and says: “You, old man!” The old man looks at him. “Tell me one thing, is there a heaven and hell?” And the old man looks at him and tells him: “Hah, I should explain to you, if there is heaven…?” “You are not going to understand it anyway.” “I mean, you’re just a stupid soldier.” “Why should I even discuss these things with you.” And, you know, the samurai was a little bit angry, and he grabbed his katana and he looked at the old man, and the old man says: “Ha ha, you’re threatening me with that knife?” “Well, come on…” “That knife is so dull you couldn’t even cut bread!” And now the samurai is really angry, he is insulted.

He pulls out his sword. He goes to the old man. The old man says: “That’s hell.” And the samurai stops himself. And realizes that he just received an answer to his question. And actually is quite impressed. Because that old man just risked his life to teach him something. I mean, the old man couldn’t have known if he is going to strike him down. So he risked his life to teach him a lesson. And that really filled him with appreciation and gratitude and wisdom and courage of that old man.

So he puts his sword back and takes a deep bow, with full respect. And the old man says: “And that’s heaven”. So heaven and hell do exist. And they are here. And you are creating them. .

"If a person is happy, life is worthwhile" - Wisdom Coach, Vikas Malkani

(Excerpt from “Manifesting Abundance”)

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