Law of Attraction

Dream Life Manifestation: 7 Secrets To Creating Your Best Life Possible by Heather Mathews

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. – George Orwell Simon was a senior accountant at a respectable manufacturing company for over two and a half decades until a major change happened in his life. For a long… Continue Reading →

Law of Attraction Meditation & The Amazing Power of Mindfulness

“Law of Attraction Meditation. The Amazing Power of Mindfulness” by Heather Mathews SecretManifestation.com   Today, I want to talk to something that sounded unbelievable when I first heard it… …Did you know that our GENES can be altered by our… Continue Reading →

Gregg Braden Books and Quotes : 11 Quotes From ‘Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer’

Gregg Braden’s book, ‘Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer’ reminds us of the ancient form of prayer that has no words or outward expression and is based in the practice of blessing. In this video, I will introduce you… Continue Reading →

3 Law of Attraction Techniques – Yeah, But Do They Really Work?

If you have heard of the movie, The Secret, then you have heard of the Law of Attraction as well. The Law of Attraction is not something that simply comes your way by thinking positive thoughts. The truth is that… Continue Reading →

How To Positively Reprogram Your Mind For The Law Of Attraction

Go to the end to get a link to a FREE e-book called, The Ultimate Guide to Brain Hacking.   Now, on to 3 tips to get out of your subconscious into your conscious mind which is where you want… Continue Reading →

Law of Attraction Success Stories : Celebrities Who Believe

Sometimes it is hard to see exactly who is successful using the Law of Attraction in their daily lives. Lots of people tell their stories in video around the web, but who are they, really? And, how do we know… Continue Reading →

5 Tips For Developing Self-Love – Motivation Video

Following the principles of the Law of Attraction, self-love is needed to manifest the things you desire. The 5 tips for developing self-love include training yourself to be positive, being childlike, using a vision board and more. 1. Train Yourself… Continue Reading →

4 Tools For Using the Law of Attraction Effectively

4 Tools For Using the Law of Attraction Effectively Once you start using the law of attraction in your life, you may  begin to feel overwhelmed, especially, in the beginning. For most individuals, beginning to use the law of attraction… Continue Reading →

4 Tips for Getting What You Want in Your Life : Law of Attraction Principles

Have you ever had the thought that everyone else gets what he or she wants, except for me? Well, that’s a problem. Thinking thoughts like those,  are the exact thoughts that will push away the very things that you want… Continue Reading →

Recognizing the Positives in Your Life and Being Grateful for Them

Have you noticed on the news how many devastating occurrences there are lately? It is so easy to be grumpy about the mundane every day occurrences in life; however, it is just as easy to be aware of the positives… Continue Reading →

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