Sad love quotes for her and him. Love never give happiness always. Sometimes come when we feeling sad. So these sad love quotes are for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Sad Love quotes : Depressing love quotes are often expressing the feelings of the people who have been rejected or because of their unrequited love never bore any fruit. Some people turn their sadness and pain on their heart into love quotes to tell the world how painful it is when they are failed to obtain the love they yearn for. Depressing love quotes become the product of this event though some of those quotes are depressing, even part of them could become inspiring to those who experienced the same failure. Being depressed is never a good thing, you should vent everything by telling someone on how you are feeling right now, but making depressing love quotes could become a good alternative if you prefer express your feeling via words instead of saying it directly because some word are easier to tell via writing and this method could be an effective method to break free from depression. Thanks for watching Sad love quotes with beautiful romantic light music. Please subscribe for more love quotes and poems.


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