Getting over a divorce can be especially difficult for many people. Feelings are still mixed and the ability to move on just is not a top priority. People tend to blame themselves and make the hurting worse, until they finally come to a point and realize it is time to move on. I developed this video of quotes about getting over a divorce and moving on to help you to look towards all the wonderful possibilities that still await you. No one says you have to rush into love again, you just have to learn to start loving yourself again first. I hope that the images, words, and music I chose will help you to get over a break up, divorce, separation, and start moving on. A few years back I had a friend who was going through a terrible divorce and had trouble letting go. We talked for weeks and she told me that I should write a book about dating after divorce, so I did! If you find that my video has inspired you and you want to take that next step, check out my e-book on Amazon: Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my video. I welcome your feedback and always respond! Much Love! Daytona 馃槈 xoxoxo


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