“Law of Attraction Meditation. The Amazing Power of Mindfulness”

by Heather Mathews


Today, I want to talk to something that sounded unbelievable when I first heard it… …Did you know that our GENES can be altered by our thoughts and our state of mind?

It sounded crazy when I first heard this but then I thought about it…

"If a person is happy, life is worthwhile" - Wisdom Coach, Vikas Malkani

On this planet people are born with all colors of skin hues and tones every day,  but where did these races come from? At one point we were all one race, right?

But our environment came to determine our skin color and our genes were altered and each generation was born with genes that had been altered over time.

So altering genes is obviously possible, but I thought it took years and generations for this to happen.

What I found amazing was that there is scientific evidence that just spending EIGHT HOURS focusing your attention and awareness on the present can lead to dramatic positive changes to your genetic makeup.

So what does this mean for YOU??

It means that by learning how to focus your attention through mindful meditation, you have the POWER to increase your HEALTH and PROSPERITY, by directly affecting the genes which control inflammation and allow for new growth to take place.

Your genetic makeup is NOT set-in-stone, YOU have the ability to shape it with your mind.


OK, now I’m going to let you know about the ground-breaking study which has allowed us to finally see PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of the amazing power of mindfulness.

Inherited from Buddhist tradition, the practice of mindfulness is about focusing your attention and awareness on the PRESENT.

Mindful meditation involves AWAKENING your MIND to everything you are experiencing in a given moment, and observing your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them as being good or bad.

Although the practice of meditation has long been known to have positive health effects, a recent study by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona has given the first evidence of how mindful meditation can LITERALLY alter gene expression.

In fact, these results were observed after just a SINGLE 8-hour period of intensive mindfulness practice in a group of experienced meditators, compared to a group of untrained control subjects who spent the same 8 hours engaged in quiet non-meditative activities.

At the end of these eight hours, the meditators showed some significant GENETIC and MOLECULAR differences, including reduced levels of pro-inflammatory genes and altered levels of H.D.A.C’s (enzymes which regulate DNA expression).

There was no difference between the two groups of people in these genes at the beginning of the study.

Not ONLY did the meditation group experience these positive genetic changes, they also physically recovered faster from a stressful situation they had to partake in at the end of the study, involving giving an impromptu speech and performing mentally challenging tasks in front of an audience.  And this faster physical recovery time was DIRECTLY associated with the changes in their genome.

As several other DNA-modifying genes showed no differences between the meditation and non-meditation groups, this study suggests that mindfulness practice SPECIFICALLY affects the regulation of H.D.A.C’s and inflammatory pathways.

This is interesting as these very genes are actually the SAME genes which anti-inflammatory and pain-killing drugs are currently targeting. Which means that mindful meditation can be just as (if not more) effective as a method for treating pain and inflammation.

Although this study did not show us any long-term genetic effects of mindful meditation training, it did indicate to us the impact that just a SINGLE DAY can have on your well being.

Not only can our genes be altered by our external environment, they can also be altered by our INTERNAL environment, including our conscious and subconscious thoughts, and calmness of mind.

I hope you enjoyed this article.  For more manifestation insights and tips for enhancing your Law of Attraction meditation, join me at SecretManifestation.com

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